The Revolving Queue

RQGun lay

Over the past year I’ve had some great and creative ideas for that I needed to set aside due to my workload. Delays have been part school assignments, part commission backlog, part IRL changes, part down times and art blocks, and shifts in time for getting work done. For any and all of them I express my sincerest apologies, and thank you all for your continued patience and interest in my arts.

Like any other artist (or at least I hope so) I love my work and I would love to do it as much as possible, but my creativity is limited and I can be drained of my enthusiasm by taking on more than I can handle. I have seen it happen too many times– great artists with great ambitions finding themselves swamped with too much work often find themselves drained of their motivation. For some it becomes an insurmountable wall of work that leaves them feeling like every piece goes from the fun, interesting idea they’d love to draw to another piece of work. For others it becomes an inevitability that they will eventually have to cross, but they place it aside to give attention their more interesting projects and ideas. No amount of money helps with this mentality for those who fall into it. Both emotional pitfalls leave great artists essentially drained of their ambition and motivation, leading them to seek some kind of escape for recovery before getting back on the commission horse to ride until they repeat the cycle.

This is not how I want to feel about my art.

So, as of tonight I will be finishing the last of my long standing commissions and opening a new “revolving” queue.  It’ll be experimental, but it makes the most sense in my head and should allow for me to continue working on things without running into issues.

This queue will:

  • cut down on motivation drain due to overloading
  • mitigate the time between completion and acceptance
  • facilitate time to both ensure quality and deal with life changes

It will also create a frame of reference for getting projects/commissions done, which allows me to announce another new opportunity:

Experimental Commissions

In July I will be opening up some experimental commission projects. These will actually be more or less Your Character Here (YCH)-style projects where a winner’s character(s) will be placed into creations that are drastically different than what is commonly seen in my gallery. If they go well, these types of commissions will later become open for anyone else to purchase from me as well, depending on the amount of time and effort placed into them. These opportunities will range over things like detailed paintings, 3d models, animations, comics and image sets, paper prints and anything else I have the skills to do.

And trust me, anyone who has completed a fine art degree can tell you, there are a lot of things you learn but rarely have the chance/reason to do. To keep these skills fresh and honed I will be honored to accept the challenge of tackling them with your characters as the main subjects.

So once again I thank you all for your patience and time, and I look forward to the year ahead.
Thank you all so much, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.