Schedules and Happiness

It seems that, even in busy-ness I can find happiness.

I received a note on FA last night from an artist who is fantastic with 8-bit music. He took one of the songs I posted  two years ago entitled “An Ablized Melody” and created an 8-bit remix that brought a huge smile to my face. I hope it never fades.

That said, my schedule is going to start fluxing really hard. I have an A+ certification program to follow through and then finish to go and get my entry-level cert and propel myself forward. Though I’m familiar with the material, this isn’t shaping up to be as easy as I originally imagined. It’s proving to be quite the challenge, but I am definitely up for it.

I have an iPod Touch now, passed down from my loving parent. I will use it as a PDA, and finally be able to be up to date on everything that happens as i am sent emails. I may finally be able to not be left in the dark with things now. I look forward to actually keeping up to date with events into my future.

Things are looking up!

~Paupe Chaimer