Opening Comissions

These recent days I’ve been jobsearching as hard as I can. But lately, commissions have been coming along quite nicely. Maybe… Its time that I opened them and started getting my mojo going again.

My works have been coming out quite nice as well lately, so I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt. In fact, I’ll only get better time time and Effort. What better way than through paid work, right?

That said, I most certainly have a goal in all of this. I still need to upgrade my computer, so these commissions will allow me to save toward my purchase of a graphics card. I actually don’t have one currently. I’ve been running all of my games off of the on-board nVidea card that came pre-installed on my motherboard. With about 7 or 8 full-color commissions, i’ll be able to purchase an actual card instead.

I’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot.

~Paupe Chaimer