About the Author

My name is one which will likely never be openly revealed on the internet (at least not by myself); however, you can feel free to refer to me by the name of my alias: “Paupë.” I am an Alumni of LTU with a Fine Arts degree in Digital Imaging.

Raised in a technologically savvy environment within the city of Detroit by a mother with a fairly diverse education, I have always been encouraged to learn as much as possible in as many job pots as possible. Aspiring to be a “Red Mage” in creativity, I dabble in traditional art, digital art, illustration, creative writing, web design, interactive flash animation, and 3D modeling.

My Character – Paupë Chaimer

A runaway experiment from an illegal biological weapons facility, Paupë is a chimera who was picked up by a religious temple in the high mountains of his world. There, he grew from infancy to adulthood with the monks of the temple… technically. His looks remain the same as he was when he was taken in, but his knowledge base and connections have grown exponentially since then.

After a some very fortunate turns of events through the generations, Paupë ‘Chaimer’ rose to a very high position within his temple and would eventually vow to be its keeper for however long he lived…

Further details of Paupë’s story shall be written out as a work of fiction.

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