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Character Illustration Commission Offers: (as of Apr 2019)

option 1. Avatars – $12 usd

An avatar picture of your requested character in my style. Color or no, same price. Will be delivered in a zip file with sizes 200×200, 150×150, 100×100 and 50×50.

option 2. Sketch Work – $15 usd


A quick sketch or of your character(s). May also be inked using my brush style. You can have the image both with and without the initial sketch lines faded, to your preference.

option 3. Sketch + Light/Flat Color – $20 usd


A refined sketching of your character(s) with airbrushed or flat watercolor coloring and a simple, single-color background.

option 4. Sketch + Psuedo Cell Shade Color – $25 usd


A refined sketching of your character(s) with flat coloring and hard overlapping shading. Can be completed with a simple, single-color background. May also include a transparent background for stamp use.

option 5. Full Color – $30 usd


A finished inked and colored picture of your character(s) with a background of your choosing. Additional may be added for complex background environments.

option 6. Simple Character Sheets – $40 usd


A series of 3-4 character sketches detailing out a character of yours. Typically, this is a character design detailing, not a sexual instrument flaunting. If any genitalia must be drawn an adult work fee will apply.

option 7. Full Color Character Sheets  – $50 usd

A series of detailed sketches, similar to above, but in full color. All sketches will be inked and colored to completion.  (This process typically takes 3 to 4 days of work)

Please contact me via note or email at avatar_bunny[at] for details and conditions. Also, feel free to ask questions at any time~
Thank you,

– Paupe Chaimer

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